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Redistricting 101

Redistricting is the process used by government bodies every 10 years to redraw the boundaries of electoral districts. Gerrymandering is partisan redistricting. Both Democrats and Republicans engage in gerrymandering; generally, the party in power draws the electoral maps. According to a recent study, Indiana’s General Assembly and Legislative Maps are now more biased toward one party than 95% of maps enacted in other states, over the past 50 years. 


So...What's the Problem? 

Gerrymandering undermines our democracy by allowing representatives to choose their voters rather than voters choosing their representatives:

  • It reduces competition.
  • It discourages voting.
  • It splinters specific communities, such as cities and towns, school districts, neighborhoods, and minority communities.

LWV-BMC has developed a presentation on redistricting and fair maps that can be viewed online or presented to groups. See the information below. This page also provides redistricting news and articles, a calendar of events, resources, and suggests action steps. Get involved!

View Video Online

Click here to access the video (34 minutes).  At the point in the video where the short film is introduced (Slide 13), you can stop the video and click here to watch the 7-minute film “The Man Who Rigged America’s Election Maps.” Then continue the video. See the resources and action items below.

View the Presentation (at your leisure!)

If you wish to take your time with the information in the video, go through the presentation guide, which provides both the slides and the script.

Schedule a Presentation

If your group or organization would like a showing of the presentation video and short film, followed by a live Q&A session with some of the presenters, please contact to set this up.

Conduct a Presentation

The League is happy to provide the means for groups to conduct their own presentations. You can present the video as described above or use the PowerPoint file and presentation guide.

Have questions? Ask for our team at

Action You Can Take Today!

Contact your Indiana senators and representatives. Ask them …

  • What are the legislative priorities (instructions to map makers) for drawing new maps this September?
  • Which criteria will be used and why?
  • Who are the mapping consultants and external experts who will draw the new district maps?

Suggest that the public deserves full disclosure in order to trust the process. Complacency is not an option; our legislators need to know we are watching the redistricting process and will be following its progress. Click here to find contact information for your legislators. 

Send your legislators the Indiana Citizens Redistricting Commission report.

This report summarizes what Hoosiers have to say about redistricting. Click here to view and download.

Join the redistricting movement.

Common Cause Indiana

ALL IN for Democracy 

Subscribe to the LWV-BMC newsletter and action alerts.

LWV of Bloomington-Monroe County

Present “Working for Fair Voting Maps in Indiana” to your group or organization. 

See "Redistricting Reform 101" above for more information.